How to Prepare the Proposal

To successfully prepare the communication proposal, it is recommended to follow these suggestions:

• Word document, two pages. Anonymized.

• Font: Times New Roman or Calibri, size 11.

• Simple spacing.

• Title (provisional).

• Introduction to the topic and its justification.

• Proposed structure and methodology.

• Summary of the main working hypotheses.

• If the research is already underway, a summary of some preliminary conclusions.

• Note with the significant doctrine referred to (a bibliography list is not compulsory).

Proposals must be adjusted to the thematic lines of research that have been provided. A careful appraisal of the content and the keywords of each of the panels is strongly advised.

A European perspective and the use of the comparative method are particularly commended.

Proposals of a dogmatic nature are preferred. In case of normative analysis and case law commentaries, those that are not focused on merely local or excessively particular issues will prevail.

You are welcome to refer to the accomplishments of previous congresses.

It is encouraged to undertake a bibliographic review of classical authors; for this purpose, the referral to our digital library of public law professors and authors is highly recommended.