Atelier No. 1: The Citizen and Europe: an Open Society and its Enemies

Keywords: Pluralism, Democracy, Nationalism

The atelier will address the issues pertaining to the relationship between Europe and its citizens  with the purpose of investigating the impact of the decisions held at the european level on the national policies of the member States and on the relationship with non-member States.

Atelier No. 2: The Citizen and Public Institutions: Transparency and Protection

Keywords: Transparency, Good Government, Justice

The atelier will be dedicated to the relationship between Europe and its citizens, to the role played by european and national institutions, including national and supranational Courts and to the sinergy among their judgments.

Atelier No. 3: The Citizen and his/hers Rights: Pluralism and Fundamental Freedoms

Keywords: Communication, Ideology, Religion

The atelier will feature a discussion on the complex system surrounding the recognition of fundamental rights of european and non-european citizens and on the mechanisms of their protection.

Atelier No. 4: The Citizen and Social Instances: to a New Concept of Citizenship

Keywords: Equality, Rights, Partipation

The atelier will examine a specific aspect of fundamental rights protection and it will discuss new social instances as well as the feasibility of the conceptualization of a european citizenship.

Atelier No. 5: The Citizen and Innovation: Rights in the Digital Society

Keywords: Social Networks, Digital Rights, Online Neutrality, Privacy

The atelier will be dedicated to the  strenghts and criticisms that pertain to the development of scientific and technological innovation with the aim of debating on the feasibility of the creation of a true digital society.