The Fifth Edition of the International Conference, organized by the “Seminario Italospagnolo”, “Europe, Open Society”, is dedicated to the building of a commmon constitutional and european culture aimed at placing the citizen and its center.

The relationship between the citizen and the European Union and its institutions will be investigated from five different perspectives, each of whom will be addressed in a dedicated atelier.

The socio-economic context caused by the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic inevitably offers additional elements for reflection and constitutes a frame of reference for the entire conference.

The role of European institutions to tackle the emergency has proved to be crucial since the very beginning. In the light of the measures and actions undertaken at the european level in accordance with the member States, the role of European institutions might result in a decisive turning point for the purpose of establishing Europe as a truly open society.  

As in the previous editions of the conferences organized by the “Seminario italospagnolo”, there will be a call for papers,whose aims is to gather young scholars and researchers and to share their contributions and discuss their proposals and conclusions together with european professors and legal scholars with the ultimate goal of enriching the public and scientific debate on the development of a true european constitutional law.

Along with the Fifth Edition of the International Conference,  it will be inaugurated the first award to the best presentation among the selected papers.

This year we will be meeting online and we will be hosted by the University of Milan (Department of Italian and Supranational Public Law) on Dicember 14th and 15th 2020 to celebrate the Fifth Edition of the International Conference organized by the “Seminario italospagnolo”, “Europe, Open Society”.