Call for papers

Young researchers are invited to contribute to the VI International Congress of the Italo-Spanish Seminar “Constitutionalism?” with a paper on one of the provided thematic lines.

Paper proposals must be sent before June 12th 2022, through the following form. Proposal must be written in one of the working languages and must include a provisional title and a summary of up to two pages made in a fully anonymized Word or PDF file (see here how to prepare the proposal). Proposal must be registered in one of the 16 thematic lines. Given the transversality and ambivalence of some lines, a second alternative thematic line may be indicated. The ascription of the thematic line is important to facilitate the work of the selection committee.

The selection committee will choose the paper proposals that, due to their originality and quality, deserve to be presented during the congress. The Organization will be in charge of distributing the accepted proposals in the parallel panels that will take place on October 6th. Accepted presenters agree to also attend the plenary sessions of the congress. As is traditional, each presenter will individually present her paper before the discussants, in a presentation of up to 10 minutes. It is very important to respect this time limit for the correct development of the responses and the subsequent debate. Presenters are strongly encouraged to actively participate in these moments of intergenerational dialogue.

The announcement of the accepted proposals will be made at the beginning of July and, from that moment, presenters must register for the congress and, where appropriate, pay the established registration fee (€50). The papers (of up to 20 pages) must be sent before September 11th so that the discussants can carry out their work with the appropriate rigour. Once the congress is over, presenters will be able to improve their papers with the contributions received during the congress. The deadline for receiving the final papers will be November 6th. The contributions will be published in a collective work edited by the CEPC – BOE. The authors undertake to publish their paper within the framework of the Seminar and to respect the writing criteria. Should they wish to publish it somewhere else, they must inform the Organization and, in any case, indicate in the publication that the paper has been carried out within the framework of the Seminar. The Organization reserves any right of publication.

A prize for the best paper will be awarded and made public at the closing session.

Co-authorships are limited to a maximum of two authors, both of whom must register for the congress. Only exceptionally will more than one paper per candidate be accepted.


  • Submission of Seminar Paper (proposal): June 12th, 2022.
  • Admission of proposal: July 15th, 2022.
  • Seminar start date: October 5th, 2022.
  • Seminar closing date: October 7th, 2022.
  • Submission of Seminar Papers for publication: November 6th, 2022.